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  • Batching Mixer System

    The batching machine is the main component of the mixing station, which can generally be divided into two methods: cumulative measurement and individual measurement.

    Cumulative metering generally adopts cylinder control to discharge materials. The cumulative metering of each material is more accurate than the earlier belt discharge metering. The required materials are mixed on the bottom flat belt conveyor after successive metering, and then conveyed to the inclined belt by the flat belt conveyor. Machine or lifting bucket.

    Separate measurement means that each material is measured separately through a separate weighing hopper. These processes can be carried out at the same time, saving measurement time and making the measurement progress more accurate.

    The volume and quantity of the storage hopper of the batching machine are designed according to the needs of users, generally 3-5 buckets and 8-40 squares/bucket, which can store different types of fine sand, sand and stones.

    The structure of the batching machine can be designed as a pure ground structure, a semi-ground warehouse structure or a full ground warehouse structure according to the needs of users. Due to the limited loading height of the loader, the pure ground structure requires the user to pre-cast the loading slope. The half-bottom silo structure or the full-bottom silo structure can save the loading slope, but the latter has a pit, so it needs to be done To improve the drainage of the pit, and to ensure the conveying capacity of the inclined belt conveyor, the inclined belt conveyor needs to be lengthened when the conveying angle remains unchanged, which increases the equipment cost.

    model no. PLD800 PLD1200 PLD1600 PLD2400 PLD3600 PLD4800
    capacity of weighing hopper(m³ 1*0.8 1*1.2 1x1.6 1x2.4  1x3.6  1x4.8
    capacity of storage hopper(m³) 3*4 3*8 4x10 4x10  4x14  4x16
    accuracy of batching ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
    max weighing (kg) 0~1000 0~1500 0~2500 0~3500 0~4500 0~6000
    material species of batching 2-3 2-3 4 4 4 4
    belt conveyor speed(m/s) 2 2 2 2 2 2
    power(kw) 4-5.5 5.5-7.5 11 11 15 15



    The PLD800/PLD1200 concrete batching machine is an automatic batching equipment used in conjunction with the mixer. It can automatically complete the batching procedures of two kinds of aggregates such as sand and stone according to the concrete ratio set by the user. This machine can be used in conjunction with JS500 and JS750 mixers to form a simple concrete mixing station. It is a concrete production equipment for industrial and civil construction projects, medium and small construction sites and precast parts factories. The machine is composed of feeding mechanism, weighing system, electrical control system, etc. Its characteristic is that the feeding mechanism is arranged in a "one" shape, the loader feeds, the feeding mechanism is belt conveyor feeding, the weighing form is lever + sensor, and the measurement is accurate.

    1. Precise weighing, high weighing accuracy; 2. Excellent performance of the load cell, weighing is accurate and stable; 3. The overall structure is reasonable, rigid and beautiful; 4. The conveying is stable, and the material can be supplied normally; 5. Weigh 2 kinds of aggregates at the same time, with short measuring time and high efficiency;

    PLD800/PLD1200 concrete batching machine can be combined with corresponding models to form combined concrete batching plants of different forms and specifications. They are mostly used in HZS25/HZS35 batching plants or small construction sites.


    The PLD1600/2400/3600/4800 concrete batching machine has high batching precision and high accuracy. The batching device adopts belt conveyor feeding or loader feeding method to effectively ensure the accuracy of the mixing ratio of cement/sand/pebbles or more than three kinds of sand and gravel materials. The main models are PLD1600 three warehouse batching machine, PLD1600 four warehouse batching machine. The concrete batching machine is an automatic equipment used for the quantitative distribution of various materials such as sand and gravel. It is mainly used in the concrete construction industry to replace manual platform scales or volume measurement. It has high measurement accuracy, high distribution efficiency, and automation. Advanced features are one of the main parts of the complete set of equipment for the fully automatic concrete mixing plant. With continuous improvement, the concrete batching machine has formed a multi-series, multi-variety and multi-purpose product system. They are mostly used in HZS60/HZS90/HZS120/HZS180 batching plant

    Technical characteristics of concrete batching machine

    • Rough and fine weighing, with high weighing accuracy;

    • Load cell with excellent performance, accurate and stable weighing;

    • The overall structure is reasonable, rigid and beautiful;

    • It can weigh 3-5 kinds of aggregates, with short measuring time and high efficiency;

    • There is a screw tensioning device at the tail, which can adjust the tension of the belt, which is convenient and quick;

    • Vibrators are installed on the side walls of the sand bin and the sand weighing bucket to facilitate weighing and unloading..

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