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  • Belt Conveyor

    Belt Conveyor

    Belt Conveyor Contact Us The rubber conveyor has the characteristics of heat-resistant belt, wear-resistant belt, burn-resistant belt, oil-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, heat-resistant belt, and cold-resistant belt. Mainly used in the transportation of solid materials in various mining, metallurgy, steel, coal, hydropower, building materials, chemical, food and other enterprises. Conveyor belt is the main part of belt conveyor. It is mainly...
  • Stationary concrete batching plant

    Stationary concrete batching plant

    The HZS series concrete mixing plant is a is a strong manufacturing and high-efficiency equipment that can produce various kinds of concrete. With high production efficiency, it is widely used in large and medium-sized building construction, road axial engineering and necessary factories for producing concrete products. It is an ideal equipment for producing commercial concrete. Its mixing system adopts a twin shaft compulsory mixer, which has good mixing uniformity, short mixing time, long s...
  • accessories


     WEAR PLATE(21) MAO2250/1500 SCAZ-400W-147 14mm MAO3000/2000 SCAZ-400W-147 14mm  WEAR PLATE(22) MAO2250/1500 SCAZ-400W-148 14mm MAO3000/2000 SCAZ-400W-148 14mm  WEAR PLATE(21) MAO2250/1500 SCAZ-400W-147 14mm MAO3000/2000 SCAZ-400W-147 14mm  WEAR PLATE(22) MAO2250/1500 SCAZ-400W-148 14mm MAO3000/2000 SCAZ-400W-148 14mm  WEAR PLATE(21) MAO2250/1500 SCAZ-400W-147 14mm MAO3000/2000 SCAZ-400W-147 14mm  WEAR PLATE(22) MAO2250/...
  • Cement Screw Conveyor

    Cement Screw Conveyor

    The size of screw conveyor can be made from ∮168 to∮ 323, the inclination degree and length can be customized. Remark: 1, 1000/5/5.5, “1000″ for the gear box type, “5″ for the reduction ratio, “5.5″ for .the motor power (380V/50Hz/3P, 1450rpm); 2. Motor standard configuration: 380V, 50Hz, 1450rpm, three-phase, customers have special requirements can be customized; 3. If there are special circumstances, can choose according to the act ual situation of motor ...
  • screw conveyor spare parts

    screw conveyor spare parts

    Normally the hanger bearing support material is Aluminum, but if you choose to conveyor the sand, please choose cast iron support. End coupling is normally only one size if the diameter of the cement screw conveyor is confirmed . Butterfly valve is used for connection and control the flow of the material. Normally we choose aluminum disk , light and solid. Can be manual or pneumatic operated . 220v or 24 solenoid valve is both available for pneumatic operation. Model Dimension Weight(k...
  • Batching Mixer Spare Parts

    Batching Mixer Spare Parts

    1.Vibratory The vibratory choose world class material, Class F insulation, durable sealing, with premium bearing,strong body design. We mainly choose OLI-WOLONG or DKTEC vibratory to generate the vibration to the sand batching bin Model No Speed Force Output Power Net Weight Size MVE100/3 3000rpm 99kg/1kN 0.04kw 4.9kg 10A0 MVE200/3 3000rpm 198kg/2kN 0.09kw 6.6kg 20A0 2.Pneumatic System We mainly choose AIRTAC pneumatic cylinder as well as the sole...
  • SICOMA Sapre Parts

    SICOMA Sapre Parts

    M2095 M20105 SCAB-015Q-432 SCAZ-230-154-1 14mm SCAZ-230-184 SCAZ-230-174 SCAB-010-246 SCAZ-230-154-2-14mm SCAB-015Q-232233239 SCAZ-015Q-159 SCAZ-230-157 SCAZ-230-175 SCAZ-230-179179-1 SCAZ-900-146-16mm SCAZ-230-180180-1180-2 SCAZ-900-145(HCR)16mm SCAB-015Q-693LR SCAB-230-231
  • BHS Concrete Mixer

    BHS Concrete Mixer

    Product Advantages Contact Us Consistently high mixture homogeneity and short mixing cycles ● Rapid increase in mixture homogeneity through intensive material exchange ● Uniform consistency and homogeneity in every mixing cycle   Optimum energy efficiency ● Excellent mixing performance despite low mixer speed ● Preservation of the grain structure of the formulation’s individual components ● Low specific energy consumption due to short mixing times, optimized mixing...
  • SICOMA Concrete Mixer

    SICOMA Concrete Mixer

    SICOMA CONCRETE MIXER SICOMA produces a series of mixers of multiple models. According to customer needs, our company chooses most of the standard MAO/MSO/MEO/MPC/AMP mainframes.  The machine is mainly composed of seven system parts: Mixing tank / Mixing system / Junction box / Monitoring and alarm system / Lubrication-sealing system (not for MPC/AMP series) / Discharging system / Transmission system MAO3000/2000 MAO4500/3000 Shatt ends multi soal protection and air purge soal protectio...
  • Cement Silo

    Cement Silo

    Cement silos, also called cement tanks, can also be divided into split cement silo and integral welded cement silo. Split silo is generally suitable for container transportation to save transportation cost and cycle. Cement is used together with the supporting concrete mixing plant, and the user replaces cement silos with different capacities and quantities according to the output of the mixing plant. It is one of the main parts of the concrete mixing plant. In addition to storing cement, it ...
  • Belt Conveyor Spare Parts

    Belt Conveyor Spare Parts

    Flat Belt Contact Us The multi texitle convey belt is widely applied to conveying material in the field of mine, ports, metallurgy. There are plenty kinds of fiber type such as polyester, cotton, terylene, polyamide, monofilament, and we mainly use nylon( polyamide), polyester EP type belt.  Please following specification   Textile Item Structure Textile Item Thickness Tensile Strength(N/M) Thickness of cover rubber (mm) Wide Range (mm) Warp Weft ...
  • Cement Silo Spare Parts

    Cement Silo Spare Parts

    Dust Collector Contact Us The Vibratory dust collector has been designed for installation on top of silos, bins and hoppers. They come with a cylindrical stainless-steel casing and flanged bottom ring, which contains vertically mounted cartridge  filter elements, which are cleaned by an electric motor vibrator. Normally the dust collector with fan is used in the above of the concrete mixer. Model Dedusting area(㎡) Dedusting volume(m³/h) Qty of dustbags(pcs)...
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