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Benefits of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant-Mobile Batching Plant Equipment

Concrete mixing plants are used more and more widely, from rural houses to national large-scale construction projects, they can be seen everywhere. Mobile Concrete Batching Plant has become one of the best-selling products to meet the needs of the market, creating a niche for itself in the market. Generally, there are two types of mobile mixing plants: traction type and trailer type. The chassis of the traction type mobile mixing plant has complete front and rear axles, while the chassis of the trailer type mobile mixing plant only has the rear axle, and the tractor is installed at the front.. except for the screw conveyor With the exception of the transition and cement silos, the front of the tow station can be continued without removing other components.
Here are some of the most effective advantages of mobile concrete batching plants

Mobile concrete batching plants are used to store, measure and transfer all materials required for concrete production. They are used for the production of various types of concrete, composite cements, cold recycling and electrification of composite materials with resin additives. The batching plant transfers all ingredients into individual containers. Sometimes, due to time delays, road drivers are forced to dilute the concrete, resulting in the use of poor quality concrete, but on the contrary, mobile concrete batching plants allow you to complete within minutes of production.

1. The compact structure of the trailer suspension unit concentrates almost all the processes of concrete production.

2. The human-machine interface is humanized, the working performance is reliable, and it can still run stably in various harsh environments.

3. The double-shaft forced mixer has high continuous operation efficiency, wide stirring track, large stirring power, and even and fast stirring.

4. The whole set of equipment can be quickly transported to the construction site through the overall hanging form, and can be assembled on site without debugging.

5. High degree of automation, strong maneuverability, simple operation and good stability.

6. The structure is firm, and the space layout is compact and reasonable, which ensures flexibility while ensuring production efficiency.

7. The mobile concrete batching plant has a small footprint and is easy to carry and move, greatly reducing the amount of foundation used.


Post time: Nov-23-2022
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