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Concrete batching plant or more commonly concrete plant mixes the required ingredients to form concrete, which includes sand, water, aggregates (gravel, rocks, etc.), cement, silica fume, etc. Generally, there are two main types of concrete plants available in the market, namely, Dry mix and Wet mix plants. A concrete batching plant consists of various accessories and parts, which include mixers, aggregate batchers, cement batchers, conveyors, aggregate bins, chillers, cement bins, dust collectors, etc.

Concrete batching plants are available in different types in the market such as stationary, portable and semi-portable. Portable concrete batching plants require less installation space and it is easy to transport them to different sites such as apartment construction site, multipurpose dam construction site and so on. Concrete batching plant has become a common sight in countries all across the world.

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Global Concrete Batching Plant Market: Segmentation

Globally, the concrete batching plant market can be segmented on the basis of construction and type.

Based on construction, the concrete batching plant market can be segmented into

Automatic Concrete Batching Plant
Tower-type Concrete Batching Plant
Based on the type, the global concrete batching plant market can be segmented into

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant
Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
Compact Concrete Batching Plant
Global Concrete Batching Plant Market: Dynamics

Rising infrastructural investments in the developing countries of Asia Pacific, Europe and North America is the key factor supporting the growth of concrete batching plant market. Growth of the market is predominantly driven by the development of large scale infrastructural projects in Asia Pacific as well as other regions spurred by economic recovery. Moreover, governments of major economies are focussing on development of transportation facilities and strengthening energy infrastructure.

Further, innovation in the technology required for the production of concrete aggregates has led to the increased efficiency of manufacturing process, leading to significant productivity as well as high quality concrete. The above mentioned factors are expected to boost the demand for concrete batching plants in the near future and this in turn drives the growth of concrete batching plant market.

On the other hand, recent trends in the market for concrete batching plants have been impacted by the economic slowdown. Since various large scale infrastructural projects have either delayed or stalled over the past year, manufacturers have been focussing on medium and small scale projects at present. The major challenges identified in the global concrete batching plant market include the fluctuation in the cost of components of batching plants as well as change in energy prices.

The key trends identified in the global concrete batching plant market include utilization of batching plants by commercial concrete manufacturing facilities. Moreover, ecological indicators have become more and more demanding, which include dirt disposal and residual concrete recycling.

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