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Concrete mixing plant process

Production process of concrete project products: The mixing process of concrete mixing station is a physical reaction without chemical reaction. Generally, a batching machine is used to proportion the aggregate-sand and it is conveyed to the mixer, and the measured cement and admixtures are added at the same time. At present, the entire operation process of the large concrete mixing plant is now carried out under computer control. It adopts automatic proportioning, automatic transportation and automatic mixing technology, which can easily produce special concrete for construction. The specific concrete production process is as follows:

1. Aggregate weighing: The required aggregates include sand and gravel, which are transported to the factory by car (the aggregate required for concrete must meet the usage standards, or the aggregates must be washed with the stone washing machine to meet the standard), and then use the loaders respectively Fill the airtight aggregate silo, connect a measuring and weighing under the aggregate silo, weigh various aggregates according to the mass ratio, and transport the weighed aggregates to the aggregate transition silo by belt conveyor (semi-closed) , Open the door from the transition bin and drop into the concrete mixer for mixing. https://www.batchingplantchina.com/batching-mixer-system-product/

2. Powder weighing (cement, fly ash, etc.): The required powder is transported to the plant by a sealed tanker, and then driven into the vertical powder silo by a compressed air pump by a tanker or other conveying device, and the butterfly valve is opened. The material falls into the screw conveyor, and then conveyed by the screw conveyor to the weighing hopper for weighing. The weighing is carried out according to the proportion error of the aggregate. The weighed cement is opened by the cylinder under the cement weighing hopper to open the butterfly valve and slide into the concrete. Stir with a blender.

3. Water weighing: The required water will be weighed by pumping the water in the pool into the weighing box, and the weighed water will be pumped out by the supplementary pump and sprayed into the mixer through the water jet.

4. Weighing of admixtures: The required additives are pumped from the additive tank to the weighing tank by the self-priming pump, and the weighed additives are introduced into the water tank and sprayed into the concrete mixer through a water sprayer.

5. The mixing host of the concrete mixing plant is mixing: aggregate, powder, water and admixtures are put into the concrete mixer according to the set time, and the materials entering the concrete mixer are dual-channel on the two mixing shafts that are transformed into each other. Under the stirring of the spiral blades, the materials are extruded, rubbed, sheared, and convective, thereby forced to merge. When the mixing time is up, the door is opened by the cylinder of the door opening device of the mixer, and the mixed concrete is pushed by the blades. Wait for the transport truck under the concrete mixer (take a part of the mixed concrete for sampling test before entering the transport truck to check whether it meets the requirements), after passing all of them, close the door and enter the next mixing cycle. The finished materials are transported by the concrete tanker to the construction site.


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