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Do you know the reason for the heavy-duty operation of the concrete mixing plant?

When the concrete batching plant has been in use, it will also run under heavy load. So what are the reasons for the heavy-duty operation?

Five reasons for the heavy-duty operation of the concrete mixing plant:
1, the concrete mixer determines the water supply amount according to the required concrete ratio, and adjusts the time relay to the corresponding water supply time;
2. The concrete mixer starts the operation of the mixing motor of the concrete mixer;
3. The concrete mixer closes the discharge door, adds the required mixture to the hopper, and then raises the hopper. The hopper should run smoothly and be free to stop at any position on the track. If there is slipping, put the hopper into the bottom of the pit first, and then adjust the large nut of the brake motor. The hopper is raised normally and after reliable braking, the material enters the mixing tank, and the water pump starts to supply water to the mixing tank;
4. After mixing the concrete mixer for 25-35S, start the discharge gate to discharge;
5. During the above-mentioned trial operation, if the concrete mixer is found to be abnormal, it should be shut down immediately to check and eliminate the fault, and then test again until it is normal. After running the new concrete mixer for one day, check and tighten the bolts and nuts on the liner and other places. Add oil to the gearbox lubrication parts.

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Post time: Dec-25-2020
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