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Engineering large-scale mixing plant intelligent green development new direction mixing plant factory direct sales

The new direction of the intelligent and green development of engineering large-scale mixing plant equipment. Faced with the rapid changes in the current situation, the engineering large-scale mixing plant is also facing corresponding reforms. Nowadays, with the acceleration of urban and rural construction, the demand for concrete machinery has also increased. However, there are endless concrete equipment on the market, and their quality is even more uneven. Among these products, there are already some products with a certain level of automation, high weighing accuracy, good mixing station quality, and low investment. But at the same time, there are also some manufacturers that attract buyers with low prices, and the technical parameters of the equipment have stayed at the traditional level.

First, in terms of equipment accuracy. The precision of large-scale mixing plant equipment is mainly reflected in the four aspects of aggregate, cement, admixture and water. For aggregates, the accuracy is generally controlled at about 2%, cement is about 1%, admixtures are generally about 1%, and the accuracy is about 1%. For aggregates, weighing hoppers and belt scales are usually used for weighing. Belt scales are usually cumulative weighing, and weighing hoppers are divided into cumulative and individual weighing. The weighing of cement and other powders is also divided into two methods: individual and cumulative weighing. Additives are divided into three measurement methods: volumetric, mass, and pulse according to the different additives. For water, it is also divided into 2 metering methods, namely volumetric and weighing. Ensuring the accuracy of raw materials is the key to producing high-quality commercial concrete. If the accuracy of the equipment is improved, the equipment will undoubtedly be even more powerful.

Secondly, for large mixing plants, the main purpose is to produce high-quality commercial concrete. Therefore, the selection of raw materials is also particularly important. With the increasingly strong requirements for green equipment, the selection of equipment raw materials has also been affected. As far as additives are concerned, industrial solid waste residues such as fly ash, slag, water slag, and calcium carbide slag should be used to replace the processing consumption of traditional special coarse powder mills. Secondly, in terms of aggregates, related industries can also be reused to make full use of resources and achieve the purpose of resource conservation.

Furthermore, the equipment control of large-scale mixing plants should be further reformed to achieve comprehensive intelligence and thus liberate manpower. With the development of the times, fully automatic equipment is inevitable. If you want to keep a place in the concrete machinery industry, the humanization and intelligence of the control system are indispensable.

Post time: Oct-28-2020
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