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How can the service life of the mixing plant be improved?

Only when concrete mixing plant equipment is carefully cared for and maintained like human beings, can it greatly increase the service life of its equipment and effectively reduce the frequency of machine failures. Therefore, the technical and after-sales service personnel of the professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer Great Wall Construction Machinery have summarized the research and development of mixing plant equipment technology and after-sales experience for many years. Helped.

1. After each use of the mixing plant, the relevant responsible personnel should clean and maintain the equipment

1. Clean up the dust on the inside and outside of the mixing tank wall, the discharge port, the mixing shaft and the concrete residue on the discharge door. Rinse these places with water. If necessary, put a small amount of stones and water to mix for a few minutes and then release it. Wash the car, the additive tank and its supply system with water.

2. In the rain and snow season, the water pump, additive pump, water tank, additive tank, residual water and additive in the water and additive pipeline should be drained after the mixing station is used to prevent damage to the pump and its pipeline. At the same time, start the additive pump of the water pump and run for 1 to 2 minutes.

2. Items that should be inspected and maintained every week for the concrete mixing plant

1. Check whether the manual oil pump needs to be filled with grease.

2. Each lubrication point must be lubricated; (each lubrication point is located at the output door shaft of the mixer, each storage hopper and the weighing hopper door shaft, belt conveyor, machine supporting wheel, pressure roller, roller, bearing, transmission chain, screw shaft The upper and lower bearings and the main gear and other places.)

3. Check the wear of blades, scrapers, stirring arms and other parts, and adjust the gap or replace if necessary.

4. Check whether the bolts at the connection part of the vibrator are loose.

5. Check the quality of lubricating oil in the crankcase of the air compressor. Replace if necessary.

6. ​​Check the contactor in the electrical appliance and whether the static and moving contacts of the intermediate relay are damaged or burned out.

The above points are some of the key points of concrete mixing plant equipment maintenance and maintenance summarized by our Great Wall people. If you want to know more about concrete mixing plant knowledge, please contact us: sales@dongkunchina.com


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