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How to choose Stabilized soil mixing station equipment

The selection of equipment for the stabilized soil mixing station should first consider the actual production capacity. Under normal circumstances, DKTEC recommends that customers choose equipment whose actual maximum production capacity is 10% to 20% higher than the current demand capacity. This has two benefits. First, it can avoid the long-term full-load production of the mixing station equipment, resulting in The equipment is seriously worn, which affects the service life of the equipment. The second is to prevent the situation where the construction period is tight and the project cannot be completed on schedule, or the company develops rapidly and the equipment production capacity cannot be met, and the equipment needs to be purchased again soon. This can ensure that the equipment can meet the company’s production needs for a long period of time, so that the equipment can be used reasonably.

The selection of the mixing plant equipment must also fully consider the number of types of materials to be mixed, and determine the number of batching machines according to the number of materials to be mixed. If the funds are sufficient, we recommend that the customer also make a reserve for the amount of mixable materials. In the case of a small number of mixed materials, multiple bins can be used for one material. Otherwise, when you need to mix a variety of mixtures, you can only regret that you did not buy a multi-bin batching machine.

After the above two points are determined, let’s look at a new question, that is, should we buy fixed stabilized soil mixing plant equipment, or move the foundation-free stabilized soil mixing plant equipment? These two devices can’t say which one is better, only see which one is better for you. Since the equipment is mainly used for water-stabilizing materials mixing, and the site needs to be transferred frequently, then we recommend that customers choose our company to produce mobile foundation-free stable soil equipment

Post time: Jul-17-2020
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