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How to prevent cement from caking?

The first cause of cement agglomeration is the improper process of cement storage and cement transportation, which leads to the intrusion of rain and moisture, especially in places with a lot of rain. Therefore, when installing, carefully check the tightness of the entire passage. It is very necessary to deal with moisture and rain in principle and structure to prevent future troubles.

1. If the design is not very tight, the lower valve of the cement silo, the interface with the screw machine, the middle interface of the screw machine and the connection with the cement weighing hopper may be invaded by rain and moisture, resulting in agglomeration and cement The phenomenon of performance degradation. In this case, it is necessary to continue to strengthen the seal to avoid the screw conveyor and weighing hopper from retaining cement. The firmness of the screw conveyor’s fixation and connection should be checked frequently. The lubrication of the screw conveyor, the middle support and the seal of the tail should be filled with oil every 1000 cubic meters of production.

2. The connection between the inlet of the upper part of the cement weighing hopper and the outlet of the screw machine should not be too tight or too loose. Too tight will affect the accuracy of the scale, and too loose will affect the smoothness of the feed;

3. When the connection between the cement weighing hopper and the feeding port of the host is not handled properly, the lumps formed by the accumulation and solidification of materials will support the weighing hopper, and the measurement of the scale may be inaccurate;

4. The cement feed channel of the host is affected by the moisture in the host, and the channel wall is easy to stick to cement, which makes the cement feed channel thinner and thinner, which affects the feeding speed, and the cement is not easy to be fed clean. The upper and lower passages of the weight bucket are frequently checked and cleaned to ensure accurate cement measurement.

From the above analysis, we can get that the quality of cement storage equipment and cement conveying equipment is very important. You must choose reliable manufacturers to purchase and install. When buying, check the manufacturer’s strength and do not blindly make decisions and stir. Station, the purchase of each component requires strict attention to quality. Don’t buy just for cheap, quality is the last word. In the first step to ensure the quality of the equipment, it is also very important to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the equipment. If both can be guaranteed, then your mixing station will definitely be very useful.

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Post time: Jan-08-2021
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