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How to reduce dust at the site of the concrete mixing plant

During the construction of the concrete mixing plant, reducing dust and air pollution is the concern of a single production enterprise. Attention should be paid to the following two points in the presence of dust around the cement mixing plant: planning, reasoning and reasonable selection of packaging equipment. Directly install the wrapper on the oblique leather headed cover. All induced air ducts are connected to the diagonal head cover, which is the dust air space blown off by the induced air ducts, which has a certain effect on reducing the amount of dust directly entering the network equipment.
Establish and improve the environmental protection management system, formulate relevant standards for production sites, and supervise their implementation. When selecting and formulating production, environmental factors should be considered to reduce pollution. Mixing plant equipment. The mixing plant equipment is partially sealed in the batching system, mixing system, weighing system and other parts. The main unit of the mixing station is reset and equipped with a screen and a dust suction device to reduce environmental pollution.
A pneumatic butterfly valve is installed on the lower mouth of the dust collecting hopper of the secondary vacuum equipment, which is actively controlled by the outside world. Carefully inspect and video camera device. The camera control of the silo network equipment is generally understood by the users of the mixing station. When the pressure relief valve is near the capture and hunting function, when the pressure relief valve is initially dusted, the network equipment is filled with dust. At this time, they want to activate the vibrator to heat up. It is generally too late to be effective. The class must check whether each network cleaner pipe is present, because the non-vertical network equipment pipes are easy to block. The power of each network device shall be checked on time for dust accumulation, and the electric power shall be disassembled and cleaned if necessary. The processing method adopts the total station packaging container mixing station to encapsulate the total station equipment. The main station material can select the appropriate chip, understand which plate materials should be selected, and don’t try to be cheap. If you do not consult the relevant manufacturers for this aspect of the design Technicians, closing the material yard and choosing hollow brick equipment, etc., can all reduce noise.
The noise source of the mixing station adopting the new mixing mixer is mainly the noise source of the mixing plant, and the new concrete batching plant can effectively reduce the noise generated by the concrete mixing palnt. The processing technology of the mixing chamber and the precision processing of the push-type agitator make the volume of the chamber body liner and the agitator less than 0.5mm when the device is installed, to prevent the excessively large mixing chamber from being prone to jamming and discomfort. The special body is forward-type bunker. The flatness of the body and the performance of the forward drive system reduce noise.
The protective measures of the concrete batching plant should avoid pollution and noise pollution. The noise mainly comes from on-site equipment, so high-quality design building noise packaging equipment was selected. Environmental protection mixing plant equipment adopts environmental protection concept, and the batching machine is the master. , The material yard, etc. adopts hermetically sealed, fully enclosed steel structure greenhouse type sand and gravel material and batching machine, which can prevent the material yard from rising and the fresh air feeding noise of the powder cake.


Post time: Jun-29-2021