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How to reduce the dust and noise on the concrete mixing plant site

When building a concrete mixing plant, how to reduce the pollution of dust and noise is a problem that every manufacturer is concerned about. Let’s talk about this problem.
The following two points should be paid attention to when the dust around the concrete mixing station appears
1. Accurate planning, placement and reasonable selection of dust removal equipment. Install the dust removal equipment directly on the inclined belt head cover. All the induced air ducts are also connected to the inclined belt head cover to provide space for the dust blown off by the induced air ducts to settle, and it has a function to reduce the amount of dust directly entering the dust removal equipment. At the bottom of the dust collecting hopper of the dust removal equipment, there is a pneumatic butterfly valve that is actively controlled by the operating system of the mixing station.
2. The dust removal equipment should be carefully inspected and maintained. The control of the dust removal vibrator of the silo dust removal equipment is very important, but the customers of Kuanguang concrete batching plant usually do not know its importance. When the dust removal function is found to be poor and the safety relief valve initially emits dust, the dust removal equipment It is full of dust, and I want to start the vibrator to remove the dust on the filter element. It is usually too late and it is not functional. Therefore, every shift must check whether each dust removal pipe is dusty, because the non-vertical dust removal pipe is easy to block. It is necessary to check the dust accumulation of the filter elements of the dust removal equipment on time, and disassemble and clean the filter elements when necessary.
Noise treatment method of concrete mixing station
1. Adopt the whole site package
The whole station packaging of the concrete mixing plant is to encapsulate all the equipment of the mixing plant. The packaging materials of the main machine use sound-proof panels. Choose better sound-proof panels. Don’t try to be cheap. If you don’t know the design in this area, you can consult the relevant manufacturers. Technical personnel, closing the material yard and choosing hollow bricks for sound insulation, etc. can reduce the noise to a minimum.
2. Adopt new concrete mixer
The noise source of the concrete mixing plant is mainly from the concrete mixing main engine of the concrete mixing plant. The new concrete mixing main engine can effectively reduce the noise produced by the concrete mixing plant.
1. The production accuracy of the forward concrete mixer silo body: discuss a complete set of processing technical solutions, and advance the production accuracy of the concrete mixing host silo body, so that the empty space between the lining board and the mixing blade of the warehouse body can reach 0.5mm or less during the installation to prevent empty space. When the mixing is too large, the Yika stone announces noise. The special boring machine is used to advance the parallelism of the two mixing shafts and then the stability of the forward transmission system to reduce the noise. In terms of concrete mixer production, Lianhua Machinery has high-end and complete processing equipment, and has made a number of improvements in design to ensure that the mixer reduces noise during the production process, which is 10% higher than the performance index of similar equipment.
2. Develop a new type of reducer for concrete mixers: The previous reducer for mixers is manufactured in accordance with the construction machinery specifications with low precision and high noise. It can no longer meet the needs of urban commercial concrete mixing stations. Here, a cross-industry plan is selected to reduce the speed of the automobile industry. The planning and application of the mixing station, using the spiral arc umbrella tooth right-angle transmission, advanced tooth profile production accuracy, and tooth profile surface nitriding treatment, so that the reducer of the new mixer will work smoothly and have low noise.
3. Airway noise reduction
Many concrete mixing plants use air cylinders as implementation components, which have a large impact and high noise at the end of the stroke. The air-liquid contact buffer cylinder is introduced, and the hydraulic buffer at the end of the stroke reduces noise.
Of course, there are more methods for dust removal and noise reduction through constant exploration and experimentation. But overall, it needs to be arranged according to on-site equipment cooperation and work needs. While pursuing cost reduction, manufacturers cannot ignore the long-term benefits and benefits. They cannot only consider price when purchasing equipment for the sole purpose of reducing costs, without considering quality and after-sales service. If that is the case, it will be themselves who will suffer losses later.

Post time: Dec-21-2021
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