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How to take precautionary measures for fire safety in concrete mixing station

The fire protection of concrete mixing plant should be prevented from the following aspects:

It is necessary for the security personnel in the concrete mixing station plant area to conduct safety inspections on the transfer personnel and vehicles, make registration records, and fulfill the entry and exit registration guidelines to ensure that the company’s industrial materials are in good condition.

The important and dangerous machinery and equipment in the concrete mixing plant shall be designated to protect the equipment to ensure safety.

The fire-fighting equipment in the concrete mixing station project is for fire-fighting purposes. It is forbidden to be used for other purposes. The fire safety passages are supervised to prevent blockages and conspicuous warning signs are set up to strictly implement the hot fire review guidelines.

The flammable and explosive materials in the concrete mixing station project shall be stored in a special warehouse and kept by a special person.

In the concrete mixing station, electric welding, gas cutting, etc. workers must hold certificates to work, and the working distance between oxygen and acetylene bottles is not less than 5m. The working distance between two bottles of open flame shall not be less than 10m.

The concrete batching plant needs to strengthen the ideological education of the employees, so that the alarm bell will ring forever and prevent problems before they happen.

The staff of the concrete mixing plant project actively cooperated with the local fire safety inspection department to conduct regular fire safety exercises.

Safe production is the primary task of the employees of the concrete mixing plant project. Only under the premise of safety can the production goal be completed, which is the prerequisite for development. As a professional concrete mixing plant customization company, our Haishun believes that with the arrival of winter and the weather is dry, it is particularly important for companies to formulate a reasonable fire management system and master fire safety preventive measures.

Post time: Nov-02-2021