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How to use admixtures scientifically? save costs? Increase the productivity of the mixing plant

(1) The wrong area of ​​the admixture use in the concrete mixing plant is due to the insufficient understanding of the mechanism and basic function of the admixture, and the obvious and profound understanding of the influence of the water-binder ratio on the strength of concrete;
(2) The error zone of the use of admixtures in the re-mixing station should be controlled from test conversion, purchase conversion, acceptance conversion, use conversion, routine testing, trial verification and other aspects of the system ground control; among them, the key to ensuring the strength of concrete lies in: Control the actual water consumption in production to ensure that the water-to-glue ratio is not greater than the design value;
(3) When the quality of the admixture is reduced, in order to achieve the ideal water reducing effect, the amount of admixture must be increased. Practice has proved that purchasing and using low-volume high-standard admixtures, called high-volume low-standard admixtures, has advantages in terms of concrete strength assurance and unilateral cost control of admixtures;
(4) Blindly limiting the amount of admixtures incorporated is an unscientific approach. This practice often leads to an overall increase in the water consumption of the concrete unilateral and the unilateral cementing material, thereby greatly increasing the cost of the mix. It is recommended to determine the water-to-binder ratio and the upper limit of the unilateral water consumption based on the test, so as to control the most weighted part (cementitious material) in the cost of the mix ratio; on this basis, the optimal amount of admixture that can meet the requirements of concrete slump ;
(5) In the absence of quality monitoring and test-mixing verification of admixtures, the quality level of admixtures may continue to decline. Under this circumstance, maintaining the reduction of external additives leading to an increase in unilateral water consumption will therefore strengthen the quality control of the external additives, which is directly related to whether the compressive strength of concrete can be guaranteed or stabilized.
In short, as long as we master the correct method of admixtures, we can increase the strength of concrete while keeping the cost of the mix ratio unchanged; or, instead of keeping the strength of the concrete unchanged, reduce the cost of mix ratio and create a concrete mixing plant. Great technical and economic value.

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Post time: Dec-08-2020