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Hzs25 Concrete Sicoma Mixing Batch Plant for Sale

Concrete mixing plants are divided into different types according to different classification standards.Mixing plants are generally divided into fixed concrete mixing plants and mobile concrete mixing plants.This is the basic classification distinguished by many manufacturers during production.
Most small mixing plants adopt modular and splicing design, which are mainly used by large commercial concrete manufacturers or related manufacturers of concrete components.Usually used in large-scale engineering construction, it has the characteristics of strong production capacity and stable anti-interference.The mobile mixing plant adopts traction device to pull, which has good maneuverability and more flexible production.Generally used in various small and medium-sized temporary construction projects.
Concrete mixing plants are divided into commercial concrete plants and engineering concrete plants according to their purposes.The commercial concrete plant is a concrete mixing plant for commercial purposes.It should be efficient and economical and meet environmental standards.Engineering concrete plants are often used for their own use.The buyer should consider whether it conforms to the project.
According to the number of concrete mixers, concrete mixing plants are divided into single-main mixing plants and dual-main mixing plants.The model name of the double main mixing plant is “Double HZS” series concrete mixing plant.For example, double HZS25 concrete mixing plant means that the mixing plant is equipped with two JS500 concrete mixers.
According to the weighing method, it is divided into independent weighing method and cumulative weighing method.On the one hand, independent weighing is equipped with a separate weighing unit for each material.After each material is weighed, these materials will be mixed in a mixer.This weighing method has high precision, but the design is complicated and the cost is high.
On the other hand, cumulative weighing is to add all aggregates into a unified hopper.Error-prone, not conducive to the final production, the greater the number of ingredient warehouses.In addition, the more batching boxes, the greater the possibility of deviation.So this method is not suitable for large projects.However, it has a simple structural design and lower cost.
Mobile concrete mixing plant is a kind of concrete mixing equipment.It is suitable for projects that require frequent conversion, short construction period, and long construction lines.
At the same time, the following systems are concentrated on one trailer unit, including material storage, weighing, transportation, mixing, unloading systems and automatic control systems.Moreover, the mobile concrete mixing plant not only has the functions of a concrete mixing plant, but also has the advantages of convenient movement and flexible assembly and disassembly.
The fixed concrete mixing plant is easy to install.It is used for projects with long construction period and large demand for concrete.In addition, it is also suitable for various complex terrain structures.
Compared with the mobile concrete mixing plant, the fixed concrete mixing plant mixes more evenly; it has higher production efficiency.At the same time, the fixed concrete mixing plant has achieved good mixing effects on dryness, plasticity and various proportions of concrete.In addition, it can also be used as a commercial concrete plant to produce commercial concrete.
Tower concrete mixing plant is a new type of concrete mixing plant.Compared with the traditional concrete plant, the aggregate metering system adopted by it has reduced four intermediate links and changed to vertical discharge metering.At the same time, this method saves a lot of measurement time and improves production efficiency.Compared with the same type of concrete mixing plant, the production efficiency of the tower concrete mixing plant is one third higher.
Container concrete mixing plant is a kind of mixing equipment.It consists of a mixing system, a control system, a material storage system, a weighing system and a conveying system.
Compared with traditional concrete batching plants, container-type concrete batching plants do not need to be equipped with outriggers and mounting brackets.In addition, the container concrete mixing plant has excellent environmental performance, convenient transportation and simple installation.At the same time, it is suitable for the concrete production of various hydropower, highway, port, airport, bridge and other construction projects, as well as the construction of commercial concrete plants.
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Post time: Dec-23-2021
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