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Introduction to the storage method of aggregate in concrete batching plant

The use of concrete is becoming more and more extensive, so the concrete batching plant is also more and more extensive, so how should the aggregate be stored when using the concrete batching plant to produce concrete?

In general, the components of a concrete batching plant include material storage system, material transportation system, metering system, mixing system and control system. The storage of aggregate is generally divided into several forms such as ground silo, star yard, and steel in-line silo.

The underground storage method is composed of lower storage bins, underground corridors, and horizontal belt conveyors. The interval between each silo is about 4 to 6 meters, and sometimes it can be measured directly underground. The advantage of this structure is that the yard is directly used as a silo, with large volume, simple aggregate feeding and high efficiency. .

The star-shaped stockyard is generally used with draglines, and can usually store 3 to 6 kinds of aggregates of different specifications. The middle is separated by a partition wall. The ground of the star-shaped stockyard must be a concrete structure ground, the purpose is to prevent the aggregate from being polluted, and in some necessary cases, a drainage system and heating and heating facilities should be added.

Steel in-line silo. The advantages of this storage method are that the transportation is more convenient, the floor area is relatively small, and there is no disadvantage of the dead material area, which is suitable for some mixing plant equipment with strong transferability.

Post time: Jul-22-2022
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