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Level indicator ILT series

ILT-type bin material level indicator realizes electric indication through the rotation of the lowest or highest material level in the bin, hopper or silo.

Technical Parameters
The ILT box-type material level indicator rotates at the lowest or highest material level in the stocker, hopper or silo to measure electrical signals.

If the material is on the paddle, the paddle of the ILT box-type level indicator will not rotate. Once the material level drops below the paddle rotation range, the rotation starts and drives other parts of the indicator. Indicators mounted on the top or side are usually used for materials with a density ranging from 0.5t/m³ to 2t/m³.


24 V (AC), 50-60 Hz

48 V (AC), 50-60 Hz

110 V (AC), 50-60 Hz

230 V (AC), 50-60 Hz

24 V (DC)

Standard connection: 1½”

Explosion-proof model certified by zone 20/21

Easy to install

Post time: Apr-12-2021
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