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Necessary conditions for safety engineering construction of concrete mixing plant

The production efficiency of the concrete mixing plant is not only the rigid requirement for the mixer accessories, but also the safety construction and the setting of the surrounding environment. To ensure the safety of concrete mixing plant mixing. The following points must be done:

Production personnel:
All personnel involved in mixing equipment must undergo rigorous training and learning. It is necessary to ensure that each operator is proficient in professional and operational skills. Operators who are unfamiliar with mixing equipment must not be allowed to do it alone. Work to ensure safety.

Inspection and maintenance of mixing equipment:
Before each production operation, it is necessary to inspect and maintain the mixing plant and mixer equipment to ensure the safe operation of the equipment during the production process.

Safety facilities around the mixing plant:
When necessary around the mixing plant, set up protective fences and set up video surveillance. Except for the concrete mixing plant operators, other people are strictly prohibited from entering the construction area to avoid accidents.




Post time: Jan-04-2021
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