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Research: Concrete mixer truck sales surge, demand for volumetric mixers

According to the research, the compound annual growth rate of the concrete mixer market is expected to exceed 4% by 2027.
Numerous factors influence this dynamic, from customer requirements for equipment with high technical standards and convenient portability to stricter environmental standards related to emissions and material recycling.
The study found that the demand for mobile volumetric concrete mixers is increasing to prevent the waste of concrete caused by over-ordering, which is also a supplement to the sales of mixers in transit. The volumetric concrete mixer can go to the batch processing plant efficiently and conveniently, saving heat load and various other costs, and shortening the operation time. Studies have shown that while accuracy is still key, the user-friendly control options of these devices will continue to attract customers’ attention and drive sales.
The study believes that mixers in transportation are still the preferred category of end users because they can mix and transport concrete around construction sites, especially in remote areas and construction sites far away from concrete factories. Preventing condensation and preventing concrete pilling are key advantages associated with concrete mixers in transportation, and these mixers continue to maintain their sales.
On the contrary, due to higher operating and maintenance costs and relatively low mobility, sales of trailer concrete mixers are expected to remain low.
The report found that the number of projects requiring larger concrete volumes that are difficult to produce using paddle mixers has increased significantly, creating a demand for portable concrete mixers. Of the 10 concrete mixers sold globally, portable models continue to account for more than 7 units, which can effectively mix water and concrete and provide the mixture consistently on request.
Construction equipment manufacturers have been committed to research activities in the concrete industry to develop products with combined functions of drum mixers and paddle mixers. Coupled with the focus on developing concrete mixers with lightweight, time-saving and independent characteristics, leading to the development of high-performance portable concrete mixers, which is conducive to market growth.
The study believes that the Asia Pacific (APEJ) market is lucrative for concrete mixer manufacturers because the government in the region continues to promote favorable regulations and policies. In addition, the rapid growth of construction activities and the continuous increase of government investment in infrastructure development continue to supplement the growth of the APEJ concrete mixer market.


Post time: Jul-22-2021
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