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Small concrete batching plant dominates the market with its unique advantages

The main models of small concrete mixing plant are hzs25 station, hzs35 station and hzs50 station. With its own unique advantages and characteristics, it has occupied the main body of the market and has become the most popular concrete mixing plant equipment.

Let’s talk about why the small concrete batching plant will occupy the market?

1. Small concrete mixing plant has price advantage. Because it is relatively small, the price will naturally have a certain discount compared to the price of large and medium-sized machinery and equipment of the same type. This price advantage is very attractive to those who want to do projects but have no money to buy equipment.

2. The configuration requirements of the small concrete mixing plant are not high. In the case of relatively stable productivity, the configuration requirements for small concrete mixing plants are not so high, and the uses are relatively wide.

3. Small concrete mixing plant is better to maintain. Because the equipment is small and there are not so many equipments, it only takes a few manpower, capital and time to make the commercial concrete batching plant operate normally.

How much does a small concrete mixing plant cost?

The amount of capital required to invest in the construction of a small concrete mixing plant varies from person to person, and must be comprehensively analyzed based on factors such as equipment prices, plant rents, and scale in actual conditions. Generally speaking, the initial investment for the construction of a small concrete mixing plant includes: the price of mixing plant equipment, which ranges from 100,000 to 200,000; the cost of raw materials, which ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands; plus the site Costs, labor costs, etc., to build a small concrete mixing plant requires one or two million.

The above is the relevant introduction to the small concrete mixing plant. I believe that after reading it, everyone will have a clearer understanding of the small concrete mixing plant and the advantages of the small concrete mixing plant. If you want to invest in a small concrete mixing plant, welcome Call the website for detailed consultation and equipment quotation. Tel: +86 571 88128581
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Post time: Dec-14-2020