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Storage system of concrete mixing plant

The material storage system is a structure used to store materials. Most of the materials are stored in the same way. Some raw materials can be stacked in the open air, but this is only a minority. Powder materials are stored in fully enclosed steel silos. The material storage system of the concrete mixing station is mainly composed of three parts: sand and stone material storage, liquid storage, and cement storage.

Concrete mixing station, mixing station, mixing station materials, sand and stone material storage: mainly used to store stones, aggregates, etc., which are sand and stone materials. Its components usually use the steel structure storage hopper method. Each storage hopper of the equipment is designed accordingly, divided into single port and double port. The double port type has more advantages in production.

Liquid storage: The liquid storage of the material storage system is mainly water tanks and pools. The pool of equipment needs to be equipped with corresponding anti-seepage treatment technology. In winter, corresponding landlord measures must be taken to avoid operation due to icing.

Cement storage: It is also the place where the cement is stored. The steel structure or brick-concrete structure is used. The main purpose is to prevent the cement from being damp and the equipment.

Post time: Dec-01-2021
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