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Structural features of mobile concrete mixing plant

Mobile concrete batching plant is an indispensable equipment in modern production and construction. It provides the greatest convenience for customers’ transition, and is especially suitable for small projects with a short construction period. Compared with the stationary concrete batching plant, the mobile one seems to be a bit expensive, but considering the ease of transfer to other project sites, the mobile concrete batching plant would be the perfect model. So what are the structural characteristics of the mobile concrete mixing plant?
When it comes to structural features, we have to mention the equipment structure of the mobile concrete mixing plant. Same as the fixed type, the mobile type has 4 parts: aggregate batching machine, control system, powder metering system, water and additive weighing system. The characteristics of the mobile concrete mixing plant are that the belt conveyor, screw conveyor, water control system and water tank system are fixed on the right side of the frame and connected by shafts, the concrete mixer is fixed on the main frame, the hopper scale, water scale and powder scale Fixed above the concrete mixer, on the top of the tail of the belt conveyor, the batching machine is fixedly installed on the left side of the frame, and the four hoppers of the batching machine are composed of a left side plate and a partition. This mobile concrete plant has a compact structure, integrates aggregates, weighing, lifting, and mixing, occupies a small space, and is quick and convenient to transfer. The main machine can be moved by car, saving time and effort, and improving production efficiency.


Post time: Nov-23-2022
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