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The difference of environmental protection large mixing plant

With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, environmental protection issues have attracted more and more attention. After years of hard work, the environmentally-friendly large-scale mixing plant has achieved initial results, and its specific characteristics are as follows:

1. Control to eliminate pollution sources

① Dust control. The environmentally-friendly large-scale mixing plant adopts a matching dust collector to automatically complete dust collection, and automatically enter the collected dust into the production system for metering use, reducing secondary dust pollution; spraying devices are configured in the sand and gravel yard to reduce the operation of sand and gravel The dust.

②Wastewater treatment. The environmentally-friendly large-scale mixing plant is equipped with a sand-gravel separator and a slurry water recycling system. The waste water and waste residue generated from the operation of the mixing station are separated from the sand and gravel after the sand-gravel separator. Re-enter the production water system to achieve zero discharge of wastewater and waste residue.

③ Noise control. The environmentally-friendly large-scale mixing plant adopts a uniform gravel blanking system to reduce motor power and noise; the whole station adopts a low-noise motor system to reduce the impact of noise on the environment. Vibration equipment and other equipment are connected with vibration pads to reduce Vibration noise.

2. Cut off the transmission route

The most effective way for environmentally-friendly large-scale mixing plants to cut off the transmission of pollution is to encapsulate the entire station. The encapsulation effectively isolates the source of pollution from the surrounding environment and controls the pollutants in a limited space, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

3. Beautiful

Beauty is the basic requirement of environmentally-friendly large-scale mixing plant. In summary, it can be said that environmentally-friendly mixing plant is a modern factory that perfectly combines mixing technology, environmental protection technology and architectural art. The structure of the whole station has a sense of beauty, is in harmony with the surrounding environment, and the planning is reasonable.

In summary, the environmentally-friendly large-scale mixing plant has absolute advantages and is unique. Changli has been committed to the research and development of new large-scale mixing plants for many years, taking environmental protection as its own responsibility, and has achieved results. If you need to consult and purchase,

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Post time: Oct-28-2020
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