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The role and maintenance of air compressor in concrete mixing plant

Generally, concrete mixing plants must be equipped with air compressors, so what is the function of the air compressors on the concrete mixing plants? Air compressors provide pressurized air, which is used to open the butterfly valves of cement, fly ash and other storage tanks , Open the unloading door of the mixing host, etc. Simply put, it provides power. In addition, there are also some mixers that the unloading door of the main engine does not use air but is hydraulically opened. The use of air has several advantages: 1. The raw materials are easily available, unlike the hydraulic system that needs to replace the hydraulic oil;
2. The maintenance is simple; 3. The action is faster than hydraulic pressure. The advantages of simple and clear air compressor, easy to maintain and master!

   The maintenance of the air compressor of the concrete mixing plant: discharge the condensate in time, open the drain valve under the gas tank after the shutdown, and dump the condensate. Regularly replace the lubricating oil, which is generally determined according to the operating time of the air compressor, and replace the new oil every 1000 hours of operation or 4 months.

Concrete mixing station
Regularly clean the air filter element of the air compressor of the concrete mixing plant. Because the filter element is too dirty, the air entering the compressor cylinder contains too much dust, which accelerates the wear of the cylinder and piston ring, and is easy to form carbon deposits that affect the air valve. Sealing; In severe cases, it will cause cylinder pulling and blow-by, which will cause lubricating oil pollution and affect the lubrication effect; when blow-by, oil will also occur, and the gap between the cylinder wall and the piston ring will be too large, and the lubrication will be contaminated. Oil will enter the compression chamber and form oil mist, which will pollute the compressed air.

Post time: Dec-01-2021
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