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Three links to pay attention to when using a mixer

The normal operation of the concrete mixer is what every user wants to see, which requires users to pay attention to the following three links when using the mixer:
1. Before the operation of the mixer: before and after the operation of the concrete mixer, the transmission mechanism, working device, brake, etc. Reliable inspection and tightening should be carried out to ensure normal operation. Protective covers should be installed on the large gear ring, belt pulley and other parts, and no foreign matter should be stuck in the mixing drum, supporting transmission and moving parts, as well as the warehouse door, bucket door and track.
2. The mixer is running:
(1) When feeding, it is strictly forbidden to put your head or hands into the hopper and frame, and do not put your hands or tools into the mixing drum for unloading during operation.
(2) When the hopper rises, it is forbidden to work or walk under the hopper. The bottom of the pit should provide a pillow for the hopper, and the hopper should be fixed with a chain when cleaning the pit.
(3) Adding materials to the mixing drum should be carried out during operation; adding new materials can only be carried out after all the original concrete in the mixer is unloaded. Except for reverse unloading, do not stop the mixer midway or start the mixer when the mixer is fully loaded.
(4) During operation, if the malfunction cannot continue, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the concrete in the mixing drum should be cleaned up.
3. After the mixer is running: When the concrete mixing is completed or is expected to stop for more than 1 hour, in addition to draining the remaining materials, pour stones and water into the vibrating bucket, and turn on the mixer to clean the mortar attached to the bucket. After discharge. There should be no water in the barrel to prevent the barrel and leaves from rusting. At the same time, the dust accumulated outside the mixing drum should be cleaned up to keep the machine clean and intact.

Post time: Oct-28-2021
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