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What are the characteristics of concrete batching plant?

concrete batching plant is a commonly used mixing equipment in engineering now, so what are the characteristics of the timing concrete batching plant?

1. The compulsory concrete mixer and batching machine are controlled by computer and frequency converter to realize soft start and stop, small impact, and personalized with sticky materials. Various fixed and fixed aggregates.

2. The discharge port of the concrete batching machine has a fast discharging speed and less charging time. It can produce a car of concrete at a time, with low speed acceleration and long length. The amount of material that the storage bin adds to the measuring hopper does not affect the batching accuracy.

3. The batching machine storage tank bucket volume and batching weighing can be carried out within time, and the storage bin will add the batching hopper for a short time and increase the raw material time. The sensor has sufficient stable response time, small overshoot and small lifting load.

4. The centralized large-scale mixing plant adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can realize all-round scheduling in the scene, realize full automation, and improve work efficiency.

Post time: Jul-14-2021
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