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What are the common technical problems of concrete batching plants?

1: Why is fly ash added to pumped concrete?
Because the structure of fly ash is spherical particles, the particle size is finer than that of cement, and it still has a certain vitality. Mixing it with cement can replace part of the cement, and can improve the fluidity of the concrete mixture, which further improves the reliability of concrete. At the same time, it also improves the compressive strength and durability of concrete in the middle and late stages.
2: What kind of fly ash can be used in ready-mixed concrete?
Fly ash is divided into grades I, II and III according to its particle size, water consumption ratio and carbon content. Grade I and II fly ash can be used in ready-mixed concrete.
3: When is it not suitable to use fly ash?
Winter construction measures, especially in the construction of projects at -10°C and below, because the initial compressive strength of fly ash concrete is slightly lower, the compressive strength of the critical value of cold resistance must be pre-cured at normal temperature for a long time, and the construction site is separated. The thermal insulation is weak, it is easy to be cold, and it is not suitable for mixing fly ash. In addition, there are polished concrete pavements, and concrete with ice-melting salt regulations cannot be mixed with fly ash.

Post time: Jul-12-2022
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