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What are the environmental protection measures for dust removal in ready-mixed concrete mixing plants

In order to realize the “low-carbon economy” and the development of green building materials, the ready-mixed concrete mixing plant must take measures to remove dust and protect the environment. In order to start from the source, customers should choose environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant equipment when purchasing.

1. Dust and flying dust control in the mixing building
In the environmentally friendly ready-mixed concrete mixing plant, the concrete mixer and batching machine should be located in a closed mixing building, and dust collection facilities should be equipped with special personnel management, regular maintenance or replacement. The raw material feeding, batching, and mixing equipment in the mixing layer must be fully enclosed.
At the same time, users are prohibited from shutting down, dismantling, or leaving the dust pollution prevention and control facilities in use without authorization. And the concrete discharge port of the mixing building should be equipped with facilities to prevent concrete splashing, and the ground production waste should be cleaned up in time to keep the bottom of the main machine’s discharge port clean to prevent concrete deposits.
2. Silo dust and dust control
The powder batching silo in the environmentally friendly ready-mixed concrete mixing station should adopt a closed silo. The powder silos and aggregate silos arranged outside the airtight mixing building must be equipped with pulse-type bag dust removal facilities. Dust removal facilities need to be managed and overhauled by special personnel, and filter elements (materials) should be cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure the normal operation of dust removal facilities.
3. Dust and dust control of aggregate conveyor belt
The aggregate conveying pipeline of the environmentally-friendly ready-mixed concrete mixing plant is conveyed in a fully enclosed space, preventing dust leakage during the aggregate conveying process. At the same time, there are dust collectors at the intersection of the flat belt and the inclined belt and the discharge port of the inclined belt to collect the dust during transportation.

Post time: Apr-07-2021
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