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What details should be paid attention to in the operation and construction of concrete batching plant

The concrete mixing plant has excellent mixing performance. The machinery and equipment use spiral twin-shaft compulsory mixing server. Not only is the mixer strong, it can achieve excellent mixing practice for dry forced, plastic deformation and various mixed soils. effect. The hzs90 mixing station is the feeding method of the belt conveyor, and the hzs75 concrete mixing station is the hopper feeding method. In fact, the transportation of the transmission belt is continuous. When the batching machine is used for each seasoning, the stone and sand aggregate are fed into the transmission belt, and then the transmission belt transports the stones to the mixer at a certain rate. The whole process continues without interruption. Pause, so it can be more harmonious in the work of the mixer and batching machine, and then improve the work efficiency.
What should be paid attention to in the construction of concrete mixing plant operation engineering
1. The operating staff must be certified to work. It is strictly forbidden to hand over the concrete machinery to unlicensed staff for operation. When working, they must pay attention, operate properly, and do not leave their posts without authorization.
2. Check the mixer’s immobility, clutch, brake system, moving pulley, galvanized steel wire rope, gear drive, upper hopper limit switch, electrical equipment route, protective zero connection or wire connection, etc. before operation. If there is any abnormality, be sure to Clear.
3. When implementing multi-shift operations, a handover record form should be implemented. The handover person should fill in the handover record with his heart. After the successor checks the bucket elevator and signs it, the work can be started.
4. Be sure to use mechanical equipment reasonably in accordance with the prescribed technical performance.
5. After the upper hopper is slowly raised, workers are prohibited from entering directly below the hopper. When clearing the hopper directly below, be sure to hang the safety chain. When some people in the vertical mixer enter the cleaning and maintenance operations, they should pull out the switch box. The switch box is locked to prevent accidental operation and death.
6. When the operation is over, the mechanical equipment should be cleaned and tidy, the switch power supply should be disconnected, and the switch box should be locked.


Post time: Jul-02-2021
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