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What requirements should operators follow when producing concrete mixing plants

The production process of concrete mixing plants generally includes site, feeding system, feeding, operation, shutdown, and safety. What requirements should operators follow when producing concrete mixing plants?
1. The site is kept clean, the drainage is smooth, and the relevant signal communication is smooth;
2. The feeding system should prevent aggregates from entering the operating mechanism; generally sand, gravel and cement cannot be fed in the same pipe trough; the materials in the hopper, pipe trough and other parts should be discharged every time, and should not be reserved for the next feeding.
3. One-time feeding and multiple feeding can be used for feeding. One-time feeding is to put the materials into the mixer according to a certain process sequence, but it is not allowed to feed the cement first, so as to avoid the cement sticking to the shaft; one-time feeding is to prevent the cement from being wrapped by water to form cement balls. , the cement and sand should be mixed first to disperse the cement, and then poured water; the feeding operation of mixing concrete for many times is more complicated, and it needs special processing in the mixing station and mixing building to realize it.
4. During operation, the first is to control the measurement accuracy and mixing time to ensure that the process requirements are met; the second is to inspect abnormalities and faults, such as whether there is water leakage at the discharge port, etc. If there are abnormalities and faults, they must be repaired in time.
5. The concrete must be clean before shutting down; after the work is completed, before shutting down, use a small amount of stones and wash the forced concrete mixer with water; at the same time, clean up the mixing site. When there is a sudden power failure or shutdown due to failure, the concrete in the main engine should be cleaned out in time by careful operation.
6. Safety Any personnel must abide by the operating control procedures and safety precautions to ensure safe production.


Post time: Nov-25-2022
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