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Why do engineering mixing stations need to be inspected regularly

During the operation of the engineering mixing plant, we must do regular inspections, so why do the engineering mixing plants need to be inspected regularly? What to check?

   When inspecting the engineering mixing plant, check the steel wire rope, and change the oil once a week to ensure that the equipment can operate fully. If the steel wire rope is severely worn, it should be replaced in time. Check the grease count of its thick oil pump and replace the grease if necessary. In addition, the water supply system of the engineering mixing station should be kept clean at all times to avoid clogging, and the suction valve should be checked and cleaned regularly. The wiring of the motors and electrical components must not be loose, and the contacts of the AC contactor should be checked. The dust in the power distribution box of the engineering mixing station should be cleaned, and no water can enter the limit switches. Check the equipment frequently, you can find the application failure of the equipment at any time, and the concrete mixing plant should be repaired and maintained in time to extend its service life.

   If maintenance is required, and the motor is in continuous operation, daily maintenance is very important: When the motor is working, pay attention to the working environment and not be in a state of too turbulence to prevent the motor from being damaged or reducing its service life. Visual inspection is also required to check whether the fan is working normally, whether there is abnormal vibration, whether the coupling connection is reliable, regularly check whether the base is fastened, whether the bearing is working normally (listen to the sound), and whether the temperature is normal (infrared thermometer) ), whether the current is normal (clamp-type ammeter), and the carbon brushes and slip rings must be checked for winding motors. If there is an abnormality in one aspect, the motor must be repaired as soon as possible, otherwise, after the situation becomes serious, it will not be able to handle it by itself.

Post time: Aug-18-2021
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