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Why use a concrete management system in a batching plant?

Nowadays, all walks of life are undergoing digital transformation, and they want to take advantage of this wave to allow their companies to gain a place in market competition. For digital transformation, the corresponding digital management platform is indispensable. In the commercial concrete industry, the concrete management system is indispensable for digital transformation.

Using the concrete management system, it is possible to establish a management system that meets the needs in the mixing plant and form a management ecosystem connected by all points. Help the mixing plant integrate resources, coordinate information, resource management, raw material management, etc., and improve the market competitiveness of the mixing plant. In simple terms, the concrete management system used in the mixing plant has the following advantages:

The concrete batching plant uses a concrete management system to establish business linkage in the sales process, making sales operations more efficient, developing sales opportunities in a timely manner, speeding up the response to customers, and improving customer satisfaction.

Using the system can establish a more complete and scientific management system and improve the level of plan management. Timely check the inventory of various raw materials and accessories in the station, reduce unnecessary losses, and achieve the purpose of purchasing according to plan and production according to plan.

The use of the concrete management system can connect other independent systems (such as scheduling, finance, weighing, production systems, etc.) in the mixing plant, breaking the “data island” and enabling the horizontal circulation of data in each link in the station.

Through the system, the working process and results of the staff in the mixing station can be clearly displayed in the form of data. Various tasks can also be monitored through the system. Managers can use these methods to assess the work of employees in the station, strengthen the control of the mixing plant, and make decisions based on data.

Because the concrete management system can clearly show the use of various costs in the station, the system can strengthen cost management and significantly reduce procurement and manufacturing costs.

Through the system, the accurate management of the data in the station can be realized, and all kinds of man-made cheating can be eliminated. Such as raw material inventory data, production data, transportation data, sales data, etc.

The concrete management system optimizes the process of each link of the mixing plant and creates a standardized working method in the mixing plant, which improves the work efficiency and ultimately improves the production efficiency of the mixing plant.

Post time: Oct-26-2021