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Concrete Mixer

  • SICOMA Sapre Parts

    SICOMA Sapre Parts

    M2095 M20105 SCAB-015Q-432 SCAZ-230-154-1 14mm SCAZ-230-184 SCAZ-230-174 SCAB-010-246 SCAZ-230-154-2-14mm SCAB-015Q-232233239 SCAZ-015Q-159 SCAZ-230-157 SCAZ-230-175 SCAZ-230-179179-1 SCAZ-900-146-16mm SCAZ-230-180180-1180-2 SCAZ-900-145(HCR)16mm SCAB-015Q-693LR SCAB-230-231
  • BHS Concrete Mixer

    BHS Concrete Mixer

    Product Advantages Contact Us Consistently high mixture homogeneity and short mixing cycles ● Rapid increase in mixture homogeneity through intensive material exchange ● Uniform consistency and homogeneity in every mixing cycle   Optimum energy efficiency ● Excellent mixing performance despite low mixer speed ● Preservation of the grain structure of the formulation’s individual components ● Low specific energy consumption due to short mixing times, optimized mixing...
  • SICOMA Concrete Mixer

    SICOMA Concrete Mixer

    SICOMA CONCRETE MIXER SICOMA produces a series of mixers of multiple models. According to customer needs, our company chooses most of the standard MAO/MSO/MEO/MPC/AMP mainframes.  The machine is mainly composed of seven system parts: Mixing tank / Mixing system / Junction box / Monitoring and alarm system / Lubrication-sealing system (not for MPC/AMP series) / Discharging system / Transmission system MAO3000/2000 MAO4500/3000 Shatt ends multi soal protection and air purge soal protectio...